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The Trial of the Bideford Witches

A booklet I wrote in 1982 to mark the tercentenary of their trial and death. It included the evidence of the depositions, biographical details of many of the protagonists, and a study of Restoration Bideford. Includes complete facsimiles of two contemporary publications about the trial.

Now only available as a book from Lazarus Press, Bideford

The Life of Thomas Gent, Printer of York, 1693-1778

For the first time ever, the complete, unexpurgated text of the autobiography of the Dublin-born printer and topographer. It is an excellent source for the eighteenth century, with many insights into politics, and the role of printers at the time.

Lili's web site

Meet Lili's friends, pets and favourite sites. She needs to update it too.

The Development of Strangeways, Manchester, 1768-1868

My MA thesis for the University of Leicester, 1973.

Exeter Synagogue Archive Site

A very full introduction to the eighteenth-century synagogue and its history, including many photographs, historic paintings, transcripts of archives, monumental inscriptions from the cemetery, and the work of Ezekiel A. Ezekiel, artist and engraver.

Now transferred to JGSGB but with a copy here

The Leyens Family

An account of Brana's mother's family from Germany, with documents, photographs and reminiscences.

The Susser Archive

The historical research of Rabbi Dr Bernard Susser, providing essential materials for Anglo-Jewish history and genealogy.

Now transferred to JGSGB but with a copy here


Letters from the Great War

My grandfather served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the First World War, and was captured whilst rescuing injured prisoners. The correspondence he sent and received is here recorded.

The Hidden Legacy Foundation

An organisation that researches historic Jewish communities in Germany and England.



My Mother's Family

The first part covers the history of my mother's parents: her father, born to a father of German Jewish origin, and a mother of Italian Jewish origin, and her mother, born in the Austro-Hungarian town of Gorz, now Gorizia, with Slovenian ancestry but a name that appears to be of Spanish origin. The second part is my mother's account of her experiences during the Second World War, living in Albania to escape persecution.

The Teglio Family

The Teglio Family of Modena and Genova, and the Cornish pilchard industry.

The Finzi Family

The Finzi Family of Ferrara and Genoa in particular Elsa Finzi and her descendants.

The Schiff Family

The Schiff Family of Mannheim, Trieste, Milan and Peschiera.


   Schiff Family Trieste

Anna Aragno

Antonio Greppi

Professor Van Hier

Frank Dennis Gent

Frank's 60th Birthday London Paris Charity Cycle Ride 2009

The Thorn Gent family in Jerusalem

Snaps from our holiday in Jerusalem, August 1998.

The Thorn Gent family Autumn 2000

Snaps taken in September 2000

Family Album April 2001

Adrian's snaps taken in April 2001

The Thorn Gent Family in France

We lived here for eleven years, staying at Xmas, Passover, half terms and, of course, the summer holidays.

The Thorn Gent Family in Trieste, February 2002

Our latest adventure.

Culver House, Crediton


The Gent Family History

A site that includes lots of photographs, and lots of transcriptions of records. Also information about the Turner, Warburton and Neild families.

Gent Family Wills, Staffordshire and Cheshire

Transcripts and summaries of wills of the Gent family in Staffordshire and thereabouts, from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

The Gent Family

Various articles and essays about the history of my own branch of the Gent family, from Leek in North Staffordshire.


Gent Family Letters, 1790-1841

Chiefly consisting of the correspondence of Dr Henry Gent whilst living in America, 1816-1830, and after his return to England.

Gent Family Letters, 1847-1891

These are transcripts of my family archive for the period that we lived in Knutsford, where Dr Henry Gent was in practice, until his son left for Manchester in 1878, until his marriage in 1891.

Gent Family Letters, 1891-1941

The life of my great grandfather, including a diary of family life for one year, letters after a serious road accident, and letters when his wife was dying.

John Gent and Slavery

The Vaudrey Family




Our Lamps Burn Brightly

An account by my Aunt Lyn of the purchase of a farm in Devon and her subsequent life there.

Letters from Hospital

My Aunt Lyn spent six months in hospital during the Second World War with rheumatic fever.

A Moss Side Childhood

My father's account of his birth and early years in Manchester.

 Updated 14th September, 2015

The Neild Family

A brief account of my greatgreat grandfather William Neild FRHS, and his descendants.

Frank Gent's CV

What I've been doing for the past forty years...

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