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I think I mentioned to you some time ago that my great greatgrandfather, Solomon Beyfus, and his brother, Philip, had aconnection with the Exeter community. In Doreen Berger's book TheJewish Victorians, she states they sent a gift to Mr Alexander,President of the Exeter Congregation, towards defraying expenses ofthe funeral of the man whose body was found in a wood near Exeter(25.9.1874); the dead man's name may well be Solomon Cappelle, sincethat is the name quoted under the above extract.

Is there any record of this communication, and why would they havebecome involved? I know Philip's wife, Louisa Benjamin, originatedfrom Plymouth but how all this ties in with Exeter is beyond mycomprehension.


Dwelling: 6 High St

Census Place: Exeter St Lawrence, Devon, England

Source: FHL Film 1341519 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2155 Folio 30 Page3

Marr Age Sex Birthplace

Alexander ALEXANDER M 76 M Sheerness, Kent, England

Rel: Head

Occ: Optician

Fanny T. ALEXANDER M 70 F Plymouth, Devon, England

Rel: Wife

Eliza ALEXANDER U 45 F Exeter, Devon, England

Rel: Daur

Occ: Optician Daur

Frances T. ALEXANDER U 37 F Exeter, Devon, England

Rel: Daur

Occ: Optician Daur

Elizabeth ROWCLIFFE U 19 F Witheridge, Devon, England

Rel: Serv

Occ: General Serv Domestic

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