Henry Ezekiel

[Jewish Museum, London]

Mahogany eight-day arch-dial long-case clock by Henry Ezekiel ofExeter and Tiverton with a single-sheet brass dial (originallysilvered) engraved with double arabic numerals for the hours andminutes, with separate seconds and date ring. The hour numerals arealso unusual as they are vertical, and the 1s are very indiosyncraticwith their tail-like flourishes.The dial was probably silveredoriginally. In the arch there is an engraving of a muse-like figureholding a medallion bearing the words 'Trade & Commerce'. Theengraving, also with swags and arabesques, is typical of the work ofHenry's brother, Ezekiel Abraham Ezekiel, as exemplified in hisbookplates and tradecards. The mechanism is of the usualeighteenth-century four-post plate-framed construction, with gutwinding. The pendulum is original, with a brass flat-strip rod. Thecase has had a later coat of brown paint removed, and the columncapital and bases on the hood have been replaced after damage bywoodworm. The steeple-style finials are original.

The clock can be dated from the following advertisement in theExeter Flying Post: "The business of Clock and Watch-making will becarried on at the same shop by his brother Henry Ezekiel, who havingregularly served to those branches, trusts his assiduity will equallyentitle him to the favours of such as may honor the house with theircommands. Exeter, March 8th 1795". As Ezekiel A. Ezekiel died in1806, and Henry was in Guernsey in 1807, the clock must belong to thepreceding decade. The inscription 'Trade & Commerce' suggeststhat this clock was made for a local merchant or businessman.

[Peter Wadham, Exeter]

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