The Samuels Family

The Samuels Family of Exeter

Charles Samuels is show above here with his wife Charlotte andtheir children (sons - Isadore, Jack, Arnold, Julius and Edgar.Daughters - Dolly, Ida, Marjory, Eileen, Phylis and Constance).Charles Samuels was born Samuel Gittleson in 1862 in Latvia. He movedto Britain and first lived in Plymouth where he married at the age of24. He moved to Exeter around 1884. Charles was president of theExeter Hebrew Congregation for a total of 58 years from 1886 untilthe year he died in 1944.

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Newspaper reports the death of Charles Samuels.

Ida Samuels' Wedding picture

Newspaper article describing Ida Samuels' wedding.

Newspaper article describing Constance Samuels' wedding

The Samuels family lived at The Cedars which was also the venue to many family weddings and functions.

Newspaper article describing EileenSamuels' wedding



















Edgar Samuels - Charles Samuels youngest son.

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