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Youngest of five children of John Gent and Sarah, née Booth

Date of Birth: 4.00 PM, October 24th, 1794

Place of Birth: Alcumlow Hall, Moreton cum Alcumlow, Congleton, Cheshire

Baptism: Astbury, 10th November, 1794

Sponsors: John Booth, John Gent, Ann Gent

Educated: Mr Vaunet, Knutsford

Went to Tortola: 1813; Returned to England: 1815

Studied Royal College of Surgeons, London; Brother John died Tortola, 1816

Returned to Tortola: 1817

Left Tortola: 7th September, 1817

Travelled to Alexandria, Virginia, and attracted to Quakers

Removed to Auburn, Cayuga County, New York, November, 1821

Visited Anondagua tribe and courted various young women - unsuccessfully

Removed to Skaneateles, Cayuga County, c. 1826

Visited Canada, York, Upper Province, December, 1828

Living in Congleton, Cheshire: June, 1829

Living Knutsford: November, 1829, May, 1831; Living Congleton: June, 1838

Father John Gent died 22nd September, 1840

Mother Sarah Gent née Booth, died 15th November, 1843

Brother Brian Gent died 18th January, 1844

Married: At St John's Church, Deansgate, Manchester

to Esther Warburton on 23rd March, 1847

Daughter Mary Sarah born 17th May, 1847

Son John Henry (within a year of being born) died 27th January, 1848

Son Joseph Henry born 15th and died of smallpox 27th October, 1850

Visited Great Exhibition, London - probably May, 1851

Son George Frederick born 12th February, 1852

Purchased large house in Knutsford 27th August, 1857

Son James Francis Turner born 25th December, 1858

Brother Joseph Gent died 23rd December, 1860

Daughter Mary Sarah died Saturday, 23rd April, 1864

Left King Street and removed to Ogden Terrace, September, 1873

Died: 27th March, 1875

Funeral: 31st March, 1875

from Ogden Terrace, Heath Side, Knutsford.

Mourners: Rev. Mr Watson Dr Wagstaffe

Mr Thomas Kelshaw Walton Kelsall P. Jones

Geo. F. Gent, J.F.T. Gent, Mr P. Darlington, Mr R. Hulme,

Mr A. Cutter, Mr H. Newhall, Mr R. Toft

Buried: Knutsford Parish Church

Belongings still in family: geography book; sugar-cane walking stick; notebook; letters from America; silver pocket watch; lock of beard