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William Neild [Neill till 1877]



Born: Ireland c. 1841 (Census 1881 and 1891); c. 1847 (Marriage Certificate); c.1851 (Death Certificate)

Father: Edward Neill [sic] Farmer

Married: 9th October, 1873 to Hannah Steele; dau of Samuel Steele, Labourer, at Northenden Parish Church, Cheshire


1. William Herbert Neill [Neild], born 1874

2. Edward Neill [Neild], born 16th April, 1876

3. Ernest Robert Neild, born 20th April 1878

4. Margaret Ellen Neild, born 1880

5. Edith Mary Neild, born 1882

6. Walter Neild, born 1884

Residence: 1873, Kirkham, Nr Preston, Lancs; 1876, Penwortham, Preston, Lancs;1878, Wythenshawe Gardens, Northenden, Cheshire; 1907 Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

Occupation: 1873, 1899: Gardener; 1878, Gentleman's Gardener; 1906, Chief Instructor in Horticulture, College of Agriculture and Horticulture, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire; FRHS

Died: 15th June, 1908, aged 67, 61 or 57, at The Cottage, Church Hulme, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire


Want to know:

1. His birthplace and date of birth

2. His Father and Mother and their ancestry

3. His siblings

4. His work and career



Family tradition claims he was Irish, hence name-change. It seems likely that his father was a farmer at Kirkham, or Penwortham, both near Preston. He did have a sister Margaret. He was in Jamaica a year before his death, to help his health and give lectures, and had just arrived when the Jamaican earthquake of January, 1907, took place. As a Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society, they have some record of him [Yearbook 1889&endash;1891; Fellow 11/8/1896-1908]. Family tradition also says, correctly, he was Head Gardener to T. W. Tatton, of Wythenshawe Hall. His son, Herbert, also followed his father's profession, being gardener at Ridgmont, Apsley Guise, Bedfordshire. Another son, Edward, ran his own nursery at Sharston. Any census return should gave his place of birth, a good possibility being 1891 for Wythenshawe Gardens, Northenden, Cheshire, now part of Manchester.




William Neild

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