Admiral Bourguignon

Anton Freiherr [Baron] Bourguignon vonBaumberg,

born Hermanmestec [near Pardubice, CzechRepublic], June 8, 1808,

died Pola [Pula, Croatia], May 28,1879

He became admiral in 1875 as first officer of the Austro-HungarianNavy and was port and fortress commander of Pola from 1864 to1879.

Bourguignon developed the basics of new combat tactics for screwships and was indirectly responsible for the naval victory at Lissa[Vis, Croatia], July 20, 1866.

I found his tombstone in the cemetery when I looked for the victimsailors of the only Hungarian WW1 dreadnought Szent Istvanwhich was torpedoed by the torpedo boat MAS 15 with two mannedtorpedos and sunk June 10th, 1918. I read about this accident in "MadRush through the Times", a very detailed and sarcastic report of the"First and latest Journey of the Austrian Fleet" written by thefamous "Raging Reporter" and later communist Egon Erwin Kisch. Kischwas a war corresondent onboard of the Austrian flagship ViribusUnitis and a witness of this completely unnecessary tragedy. Ijust found the tombstone of one 17 or 18 years old sea kadett whilethe ones of the humble sailors have been less artificial andapparently been destroyed or became unreadable.

[Information kindly provided byGünther Böhm]