The Neild Family



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William and Hannah Neild with their children. From my third cousin in Australia.

William Neild and his wife Hannah Steele. This was the only photograph that I knew of of my great great grandfather till I received the fine photograph from my third cousin in Australia.

The wedding of Edward Neild and Georgina Henrietta Thomson.

A photograph showing Ted Neild with a group of friends or family

Gibb Lane, at the side of Wythenshawe Hall.

Hannah Neild, nee Steele, with her son Edward (Ted) Neild, his daughter Eva, and his grandson Frank Dennis Gent, in 1922.

Frank Turner Gent, Hannah Neild, nee Steele, with her son Edward (Ted) Neild, Frank William Gent and his wife Eva, her son Frank Dennis Gent, and Georgina Henrietta Neild, nee Thomson, wife of Ted, in 1922.

A field of daffodils at Sharston for cutting for the market.

Family members at the wedding of Walter Neild to Ethel Hewitt. At the centre is Hannah Neild, with her son Ted sitting on her right.

Hannah Neild with her grandchildren Billy and Eva Neild.

Hanna Neild, nee Steele, with her younger sister Polly, at Polly's home in Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester, in the 1920s.


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