Letters from my Grandfather before his capture

Letters to my Grandfather before his capture

My Grandfather's account of his capture

My Grandfather's diary as a prisoner of war

Letters from my Grandfather after his capture

Letters to my Grandfather after his capture

The journey of the field ambulance


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Progress of the Field Ambulance until my Grandfather's Capture


Manchester August 4th, 1914

Littleborough September 9th, 1914

West Derby November 7th, 1914

Southport November 15th, 1914

Enlisted November 18th, 1914

Lindfield May 21st, 1915

Peas Pottage June 26th, 1915

Burham September 24th, 1915

Crowborough October 31st, 1915

Colchester March 19th, 1916

Wyvenhoe Park July 11th, 1916

Lexden November 4th, 1916

Sailed from Southampton March 1st, 1917

Le Havre March 2nd, 1917

Lumbres March 5th, 1917

St Venant March 7th, 1917

Zelobes March 14th, 1917

Béthune March 16th, 1917

Locon May 10th, 1917

Essars May 24th, 1917

Marlez-lez-Mines June 22nd, 1917

Petite Synthe June 26th, 1917

Teteghem July 9th, 1917

Bray Dunes July 25th, 1917

Wardrecques September 29th, 1917

Brandhoek October 2nd, 1917

Ypres October 5th, 1917

Brandhoek October 11th, 1917

Arques October 13th, 1917

Queue d'Oxelare November 1st, 1917

Wippenhoek November 9th, 1917

Caestre November 25th, 1917

Hazebrouck December 26th, 1917

Poperinghe January 11th, 1918

Harbonniers February 8th, 1918

Bernes February 28th, 1918

Taken as a prisoner of war March 21st, 1918



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