The Development ofStrangeways, 1768-1868

Frank J. Gent

Strangeways Hall 1794



To 1768: the Strangeways, Hartleyand Ducie families.

2 The Awakening of theIndustrial Revolution, 1768-1816.

Early industrial development inStrangeways.

The Ladies' Jubilee Charity School.

3 The Creation of theNew Strangeways, 1816-1823.

The planning of the new estate andits execution.

4 The New Suburb,1823-1841.

Robert Hedderwick as agent to LordDucie.

Strangeways Unitarian Chapel.

5 The MatureSuburb.

William Fermie as agent.

The advent of the railway.


6 The Decline ofStrangeways, 1851-1868.

Jewish immigration toStrangeways.



Presented for the degree of Master ofArts to the University of Leicester, 1973

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 1 Introduction2 Industrial Revolution3 The New Strangeways4 The New Suburb 5The Mature Suburb 6 DeclineReferences Maps

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