The Cornish Pilchard Industry

History of the Teglio Family

The Cornish Pilchard Industry

Catching Pilchards

Salting Pilchards

Pressing Pilchards

Packing Pilchards

Exporting Pilchards

The Teglio Family and Polperro

Guglielmo Teglio of Plymouth

Massimo Teglio and the Jews of Genova


The Pilchard Works Newlyn

Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing

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fish quay Polperro

The fish quay, Polperro, c. 1900 [Photograph by A. E. Raddy of Looe]

Catching the Pilchards

pilchard fishing boats Polperro

Fishing boats in the harbour at Polperro, c. 1880.

painting of pilchard catch

Pilchard catch

Processing the Pilchards: Salting

salting pilchards

Salting the pilchards, Sennen, 1907

Processing the Pilchards: Pressing

pressing pilchards

Pressing the pilchards, Newlyn 2000

[Jeremy Hilder]

pressing pilchards

Pressing the pilchards in hogsheads, Newlyn 1925

Teglio Factory

Inside the Fratelli Teglio factory at Polperro c.1910

Processing the Pilchards: Packing

packing pilchards

Traditional packing of pilchards in boxes, Newlyn 2000

[Jeremy Hilder]

packing pilchards

"Salacche Inglesi": traditional packing of pilchards in casks, Newlyn 2000

[Jeremy Hilder]

Choosing the Best Pilchards

the three pilchards pub Polperro

The Three Pilchards public house in Polperro, where the annual blind tasting of the preserved pilchards by the buyers took place.

[Photograph by Lewis Harding, c. 1860]

Processing the Pilchards: Sealing the Casks

labelling casks

Sealing the casks, Newlyn 2000.

[Jeremy Hilder]

Processing the Pilchards: Export

loading pilchards for Italy

Loading the SS Adria at Penzance with casks of pilchards for the Mediterranean.

[Royal Institution of Cornwall]