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I am gradually collecting some of the pieces to assemble an outline of the story of Guglielmo Teglio, born in 1861, who spent his adult life in England in charge of the family factories at Polperro, Looe and Plymouth. The lease on the Polperro factory is dated 1888, though it seems possible from the information in the museum that the Teglio family were there as early as 1862, soon after Guglielmo's birth.

Guglielmo must have married his English wife, Jane Nora (I do not yet know her surname) before 1896, when he was 35, for they had a son, Max, who was born in 1896. I do not know if they had any other children.

Guglielmo became known in England by the English versions of his forenames: William Charles Isaac.

Guglielmo and his wife, known as Jennie, lived in the Hartley area of Plymouth, a very respectable area.

Their son Max enlisted in the Devonshire Regiment at the beginning of the First World war. He was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, and seconded to the Worcestershire Regiment. He was killed fighting the Ottoman Turkish army in Mesopotamia, modern Iraq, on April 11th, 1917. He was buried in the vast Baghdad (North Gate) cemetery. His parents must have been devastated by the loss.

In the early 1920s the couple moved from 'Restormel', a very respectable house in Russell Avenue in Plymouth to a new home, a newly-built mansion called 'Redcott' in the adjacent Lockington Avenue, in the Hartley area. Their neighbours were all wealthy professional and business people. It was perhaps the financial investment in this new home, together with the financial collapse of the 1920s, that may have caused problems for Guglielmo Teglio.

At the age of 65 Guglielmo committed suicide at his home, on 4th January, 1926. Unfortunately the coroner's papers for the inquest do not appear to have survived, so we do not know if there was a particular cause. He was buried at the Efford cemetery, quite near to his home.

A Diary of the research into his life


[October 31st, 2000: I learnt today that William Charles Isaac Teglio, aged 65, died by his own hand on 4th January, 1926 at Redcot, Compton, Plympton, Devon. I am attempting to discover more about his tragic story]

[November 17th, 2000: I learnt today that Guglielmo had been married to Jennie, and that their son Max died in action during the First World War.]

In Memory of

Second Lieutenant MAX TEGLIO

Devonshire Regiment

attd., Worcestershire Regiment

who died aged 21 on Wednesday, 11th April 1917.

Second Lieutenant TEGLIO was the son of William and Jennie Teglio, of "Redcott," Lockington Avenue, Plymouth.

Remembered with honour


[Most of this information is repeated in the regimental history.]

[Later today I discovered that William Charles Isaac Teglio was buried at the Efford Cemetery, Plymouth, in grave number A842. The deeds of the grave were issued to Jane Nora Teglio, presumably his widow.]

[21/11/00: extracts from directories

1904 (Eyre)

Teglio Brothers fish curers Commercial Wharf Plymouth

Teglio & Co wine merchants Commercial Road Plymouth


Teglio Brothers Commercial Road and Commercial Wharf

(only 2 houses in Lockington Avenue)



Teglio, W. 'Restormel', Russel Avenue, Plymouth]



A search of the indexes of births and marriages of the General register Office for England and Wales between 1890 and 1898 produced the following information:

William Charles I. Teglio married Plymouth 1st quarter 1889

Frank Teglio born Plymouth 4th quarter 1893

Roy Paddon Teglio born Plymouth 4th quarter 1894

Max Teglio born Plymouth 4th quarter 1895

Nora Teglio born Plymouth 4th quarter 1896]



Today I visited the Efford Cemetery in Plymouth, and found Guglielmo's grave, and said kaddish for him. It is a simple grave, maintained beautifully. It has a granite edging, the head and foot raised about 12 inches with a curved top. Along the left hand rail is the inscription in lead lettering: "In loving memory of William Teglio of Genoa and Plymouth, died January 4th 1926, aged 64 years."

Afterwards I visited Russell Avenue and Lockington Avenue. These are fine Edwardian houses, of considerable style, and still the most respectable part of Plymouth. The neighbours include the Lawn Tennis Club, and the constituency office of Dame Janet Foukes, MP for Plymouth. When built, they had the newly extended tramline connecting them to central Plymouth, and Guglielmo's place of business.]


Today I received a copy of Guglielmo Teglio's will. It is clear that his sons Frank and Roy had died in childhood. His daughter Nora was 30 at her father's death, and I suspect that she never married, like so many women of her generation. The will was made in 1906, before Max's death, when the family was living in Yelverton, then a short train journey to Plymouth.

Click here to see the will]


Today I received from Plymouth the following certificates that I had ordered:

  • Marriage Certificate of William Charles Isaac Teglio, son of Laudadio Teglio, to Jane Paddon, daughter of John Shepheard Paddon, on 20th February, 1889, at Green Bank Bible Christian Chapel, Plymouth. Both Guglielmo and his father's occupation are given as "Fish Merchant". Jane's father is described as a "Fish Salesman". The witnesses were Jane's father, and Guglielmo's brother Robert.
  • Birth Certicate of Frank Teglio, born 19th October, 1893. His mother was now known as Jennie, his father is described as a "Wine Merchant". They were living at 4, Citadel terrace, Plymouth.
  • Birth Certificate of Roy Paddon Teglio, born 14th October, 1894.
  • Birth Certificate of Max Teglio, born 10th September, 1895.
  • Birth Certificate of Nora Teglio, born 20th September, 1896 at her maternal grandparents' home, Hoe Gate House, Hoe Gate Street. All her brothers were born at home at the same address.]