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  Thomas Gent's Ancestry

Thomas Gent in his Autobiography describes meeting his namesake and cousin, Thomas the son of Ralph Gent, baker of Uttoxeter, who died at his son's home in London. This Ralph Gent seems to have been descended from a branch of the Leek family, of some fame and success in the seventeenth century. They seem to have been a separate branch to my own Gent family of Leek, possibly separating in the sixteenth century. My branch stayed as yeomen farmers, that branch went into the town as tradesmen. They were prominent in the religious wars of the seventeenth century.

Thomas Gent in his booklet 'The Contingencies, Vicissitudes, or Changes of this transitory life' quotes his apprenticeship document which gives his father's name as also being Thomas Gent.

In his history of the East Window of York Minster he mentions his mothers name as being Sarah, and as belonging to the Johnson family.


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