Wills and Administrations for the Gent Family


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The following transcriptions were made by my great grandfather, and by myself. He visited the Probate Registry in Lichfield around 1905. I visited the same place 95 years later, and also the Public Record Office to see wills there. Photocopies were also supplied of PCC wills, and the will at Chester of Thomas Gent.


List of Wills in name of GENT
  • Margery Gent 1541*
  • William Gent 1545* (Middlehulme, Leek)
  • Hugh Gent 1541* (Leek)
  • Margery Gent 1582* (Heanor, Derbs)
  • Henry Gent 1599* (Spinkhill, Derbs)
  • Hugh Gent 1618* (Overhulme, Leek)
  • Catherine Gent 1617 (lost)
  • Thomas Gent 1631* (Leek)
  • Richard Gent 1636* (Overhulme, Leek)
  • William Gent 1638* (Overhulme, Leek)
  • Thomas Gent 1639* (Leek)
  • William Gent 1650* (Overhulme, Leek)
  • John Gent Leek 1668*
  • John Gent Rocester 1671*
  • Margery Gent Leek 1673*
  • William Gent Alton 1677*
  • Ann Gent Leek 1679*
  • Abraham Gent Leek 1690*
  • Gervase Gent Leek 1690*
  • William Gent Cheadle 1693*
  • Margaret Gent Leek 1707*
  • Sarah Gent Leek 1707*
  • John Gent Leek 1714*
  • Ralph Gent Uttoxeter 1714*
  • Samuel Gent Callow Hill 1723*
  • William Gent Leek 1728*
  • Francis Gent Croxden 1731*
  • John Gent Alton 1733
  • Elias Gent Rocester 1737*
  • Ellen Gent Leek 1737*
  • Hannah Gent Cheadle 1740
  • John Gent Leek 1754*
  • Thomas Gent Leek 1755*
  • William Gent Leek 1767*
  • Mary Gent Leek 1778*
  • John Gent Rocester 1786
  • Thomas Gent Leek 1791*

*summarised below

also PCC and Chester, and Lichfield 1800+


Will of Hugh Gent of Leek

18th January 1541/2


Body to be buried in churchyard of St Edward's, Leek. To Margery my wife house and land as long as she keeps my name. At her death house and grounds to William my youngest son, except Thomas and Richard my sons come home again. If Thomas my eldest come home again to have the tenement etc, if he die and not come home again Richard to have it To the son who hath house and grounds to have no more but the husbandry goods. My two saws to remain to that son that hath my house and William Clulow my son-in-law when he needs [to use] them. To William my son 26/8 and all my harness [armour?] more than his child's part of my goods. The rest to Margery my wife.

Executors: Margery, my wife, William and William Fowall. William Clulow and Richard Fowall of Broncote Supervisors. Signed by Thomas and Richard Middleton and Laurence Watson.

Personalty Inventory £11 15s 4d


*Were they involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace?


Administration of Margery Gent

August 25th 1541


Son William sworn before Sir Richard Gent, Vicar of Leek, as the administrator.

Will of William Gent of Middlehulme

9th March 1544[?]


My body to be buried in the Lady Chapel Leek. Four priests to say Mass for my soul on the day of my burial in Leek. To the stock of St Anthony at Meerbrook - . To Margery Devall 4d. To Emmote my wife the residue of property. Wife and Richard Fowall executors. Richard and Thomas Midleton Overseers. Names attached: William Davenport, John and Thomas Hulme, John Clulow, Thomas Brindley, Richard Midleton, Robert Brough.


Will of Hugh Gent of Overhulme

Proved 1618


In the name of god amen the seconde daye of December 1617

I Hughe Gente of Ouerhulme within the parishe of Leeke and countie of Stafford yeoman sicke in bodie yet neuertheless in good and perfecte remembrance I give god thankes theirefore, doe make and ordayne this my laste will and testamente in manner and forme followeinge firste I commite my sole vnto the memorie of almightie god beleeuinge stedfastelie by the merites purchased for me in christes death to be one of those that shall enioye euerlastinge life in the kingedome of heauen I commite my bodie to the earthe whereof it came to be buried in such conueniente place as by myne executors hereafter named shalbe thought good in that behalfe, Item I will that all such debtes as I shall fortune to owe at my decease, and alsoe my funerall expences shalbe firste taken vp and discharged of my whole goodes, Item I giue to Richarde gente sonne to John gente one heafer a coffer and my beade with albelongeinge to the same, Item I giue yo Johane gente one boulster, and two couerlides and a chaffebeade, Item I giue to Johane gente and Ellin william gentes daughters one Eawe and a Lambe, The residue residue and reuersion of all my goodes and chattles whatsoeuer and after my funerall expences be performed, I giue and bequeath to my sonne John gente, Item I ordayne and make myne executors John gente of Overhulme aforesaide and Richarde Gente of teatesworth hopeinge they will see this my laste will and Testamente performed accordinge to the truste I repose in them.

[these being writte… to the … …]


William Gente

William Broughe

James Hulme


Probate granted to John Gent




A true and perfect of all the goods and Cattels and Chattels that Hughe Gente of overhulme in the Countie of Stafford dyed possessed of taken by William Gente and William Cluloe the xxiiijth day 1618


Imprimis One Cowe and heafer and one calfe iiijli xs

Item one Lame Colte xxs

Item fyue yewes and lambes and iij young Sheepe xls

Item his bed cloathes and ij Sackes xxs

Item All the wooden ware iiijs

Item his aperell Saddle money in his purse and some iron ware xs

Sum ixli iiijs


Administration of Thomas Gent of Leek

26th July, 1631


A trew and iust Inventorie of all the goodes Chattles and Cattells of Thomas Gent of Leeke latelie deceased taken and prysed the 23rd July by John Hulme Thomas Jolley and Henrie Stevenson Annº Domini 1631


Imprimis 12 pounds of English hoppes 0 5 0

2 stone of hempe 0 9 0

5 pounds of whalbone 0 2 0

4 poundes of Chalke 0 0 4

5 poundes of Cornepancher 0 4 0

nailes in Sortes 0 7 3

[?] best Indigoe 0 5 4

half [?] of Second Sort of Indicoe 0 1 6

ii oz of woostedes 0 2 9

5 groce of Silke butt. 0 5 0

6 groce of Spannish haire butt. 0 2 6

i yarde and halfe of green se[] 0 2 0

12 ydes and halfe of w'[hite]

ft[uffe] at ivd per yd 0 10 0

ij [] and halfe of peecinge thrid 0 5 0

8 yardes of Buckeram at 4d

per yarde 0 2 8

2 Remnantes of Sackcloth 0 9 0

Leather poyntes and thrid

poyntes 0 0 8

2 Remnantes of Stuffe 0 3 0

8 yardes of white cotton at 4d

per yarde 0 2 8

12 yardes of whited Linnen

Cloath at 12d per yarde 0 12 0

4 Bazill Skins at 6d a peece 0 2 0

2 yardes of grass green beas 0 3 0

2 yardes of Course Callicoe at 4d

per yard 0 0 8

11j lb of Case pepper at 16d

per lb 0 4 0

4 Childrens girdles course at 6d 0 0 6

Pinnes in Sortes 0 10 0

2 Thousand of hukes and eyes

vnsorted 0 1 0

6 peece of cardes 0 0 6

3 oz of old wormseedes 0 0 10

2 oz of middle maceÆ 0 1 4

2 oz of Large mace' 0 1 8

3 oz Cloves Dry 0 2 0

9 oz and halfe of wande grease 0 2 0

6 bale of Drie 0 0 10

halfe pound of Quicksilver 0 1 6

14 li of green Coperas 0 1 2

12 lb of Logwood at 3s 6d 0 3 6

2 yardes and halfe of Red

shayd beayes 0 3 9

2 yardes and halfe of w[hite]

cotton at iv d per yarde 0 2 1

vij yardes of Linstee woolster

at 12d per yarde 0 7 0

j lb of old decayed Argall 0 0 3

Somme boxes Combes 0 0 10

halfe pound of blue pouncher 0 0 4

Remnants of trule lace 0 3 4

[Anchle?] Rowles, gartheringe

and 3 peer of garthers 0 3 0

2 Doozen of Silke Riboninge 0 4 0

Grammars, Accedences,

primmers and Abc's 0 6 0

More pins of Boot and crowne 0 1 6

i Doozen of ferrell Riboninge 0 2 0

4 oz of middle mace more 0 2 0

2 oz w[hite] Coperas 0 0 2

3 poynts of solatoyle 0 1 6

thrids buttens and Course Ancle 0 2 0-

4 oz of cullered Silke breached 0 5 0

10 oz of fine w[hite] thrids

and bl[ack] thrids 0 6 0

3 Quire of w[hite] paper 0 0 9

Arcknicke and Rosalger 4 lb

at 8d per lb 0 2 8

iiij lb[?] of Synomand pauther 0 2 0

j Doozen of pound hempe 0 5 0

vij lb of w[hite] Candles 0 2 0

j qt'r of wyer 0 0 4

5 peer of houswiffe C[]rdes 0 2 0

Iron Morter and pestil 0 3 4

Boxes and Barrells 0 3 4

j chest in the shopp 0 2 0

6 sheets pastbord 0 0 9

Weightes and skales 0 10 0

Summe x li xiii s j d


Item 2 kine one sterke and 2 Calves 8 6 8

One mare; and one horse 5 13 4

2 Swine 1 10 0

Butter and chease 1 10 0

4 hoopes of Cake meale 1 10 0

2 Chests in malt house 0 8 0

husbandrie wares in the barne 0 10 0


Houshold stuff [?] in the parlour:

The Nedstide with the furneture theron 3 6 8

A table frame, 2 formes, 3 stooles & 2 cheares

0 5 00

10 Quishons in the same parlour 0 5 0


An the lower chamber:

One truckle bed with the furneture theron 0 10 0

j little [?] table 2 formes; j chest; j cuppard; [?]

0 5 0

One baskett and 2 wiskells 0 0 6

One fetherbed; one blankett and the bed coveringe

01 00 00


An the little chamber over house:

One chaffe bed, 2 blanketts; one Coverlide & bedstide

0 10 00

One flockbed; 2 blancketts; one coverlid 2 boulsters and bedstide in thec same chamber 1 0 0


An chamber over the shopp:

One fetherbed 2 blankettes one Coverlid kertaines and vallance bedstide s with a peerre of truckle bedstides

2 0 00

Above [?]

One fetherbed 3 boulsters 2 blanckettes one coverlid kertaines and vallance and one peer of bedstides

1 15 0

One Table; one cheare; a Coffer; and a cheste

0 10 0

Al: Naperie wares in a chest; & one carpett in same chamber 3 0 0

j Doozen of nappkins & 12 yardes of hempen cloth at w[]inge 0 13 4

[]aken at Roofes in the same chamber 8 0 0


In the house place

All the pewter 1 3 4

2 formes; one cuppard; 2 cheares & a litle table

0 15 0

A drinking cupp in the house 0 5 0

An the seller:

One litle bed and one cuppard in the seller 0 9 0

8 barrells; loomes; bruing fates; peales & other trayne wares 1 0 0

Burslem brasse in the milke seller 0 1 0


An the kitchen:

3 brasse potts 1 18 0

2 brasse pans; 2 kettles; a warminge panne 3 brass ladles and 4 brasse candlestickes 2 0 0

Av: 2 dreeping pans [deletion] 2 Iron grates; 2 spitts i brundrett; 2 peece of pothookes large and fire shovell fire endes and one backstone and other iron ware

1 0 0

Cowes and karves 0 10 00

Corne uppon ground 1 6 8

his wearringe apparell & money in his purse

7 0 0

Debts owinge; good and badd as appeares by booke

65 16 00

More owing by Bill 3 6 00

a legacie given him which is nott Receaved

10 00 00

Sum 139 13 6

Summa totalis 150 6 7


John Hulme

Thomas Jollie

Henrie Stevenson


Fiat amninistratio bonorum quae fuerunt intro[]ati Thomae Gent defunct'

Anne Gent Relic' dicti defuncti [] eidem Anne pro administ' Thomae, Timothei, Johannis, Willelmi, Gervasii, Radulphi et mariae Gent liberorum nalin'[?] et [] dicti efuncti in minori etate constitut'. Promissio iuro' Laurencis Brandreth Clerico' Vicario de Leek

Ibidem dicta Anna Gent de Leeke in Comitat Stafford' vidua et in dicto Dom'

Administration of Richard Gent of Overhulme



The third daye of maye, 1636;

A true and Juste Inventorie of all the goodes Cattells and chattells of Richard Geente had taken and praysed by William geente of Overhoulme, Richard wood of Roche and John Pillesburye


Imprimis One mare xlvjs viijd

Item Two sheepe viijs

Item Two Kyne and one Sterke vjli xs

Item Grasse and Corne groweinge Vpon the ground vli

Item Brasse and Pewter xvjs iiijd

Item Beddinge apparell and money in his pourse iijli vjs viijd

Item Trine ware and spinninge whiles viijs

Item yron ware in the house iijs

Item One ould Arke iijs iiijd


The whole Sovme

i9li 2s

Debte oweinge by the above named testator xlvjli viijd


Fiat Administracò bonorum quae fuerunt prefati Richard gent defunct' Elizabetha Gent rel : defunct'


: dicta Elizabetha Gent de Overhoulme in Com' Staff' vid' et … Johannes Pilsbury de Leeke Frith in Com' pred' weaver


Administration of William Gent of Overhulme

January 29th, 1638


Administation granted to William Gent yeoman and Ellena Gent and Edward Craddock of Leek, yeoman.


Inventory £198 19s 0d

Carolus Twysden


Wearing Apparel and Money in purse £34 0 0

2 beds, 2 Chest beds, 2 bedstokes and bedding 13 11 0

12 pair Hempen Sheets 1 16 0

3 low bedsteads and chaff beds 1 0 0

Butter, Cheese, Malt and Wheat 5 8 0

Sacks and Linnen 30/-, Wool £5 6 10 0

Napkins, Tablecloths etc 18s 18 0

1 Table, 3 Chairs, forms and stools in house 2 0 0

[?] and Bacon 13 0

Plows Harrows and Grates, shovels

and Ironware in house 7 0 0

Corne, hay and Malt in the Arke 24 0 0

Brass and Puter £5 6s 8d 5 6 8

Money owing by Specialty 25 0 0

Money owing without Specialty 57 0 0



Robert Brough

Thomas Brough

Edmund Turnocke

Richard Charlesworth


Will of Thomas Gent of Leek

Dated 16th February 1640/1. Proved 6th March 1640/1


Leaves to executors messuage an tenement to raise £44. To Ann Gent my mother £5, to Ralph Gent brother £4, Gervase brother £5, to Mary sister £5. My wife Dorothy to enter on half of estate till son John 21 for maintenance and education of children then Dorothy to have half for her natural life. My will is that half the said messuages be for Sarah and Mary my daughters and another child or children if God be pleased that Dorothy my wife may bring forth the same by me until John be 21. If John does not live then to other child or children. If John live till 21 and no more are born he to enter on [possession of] the half. To son John table in house and in lower parlour. Rest to Dorothy .

Executors Dorothy (wife), Timothy and William brothers.

Thomas Gent


Hugh Blincome

Thomas Bently


Inventory £40 (about 6 rooms)

Signed by Thomas Brindley, John Lees, Richard Slater

Kitchen pewter, pair of virginalls, 2 sacks, mats, 3 chains, 1 stool, boards, frame and formes

Probate to Timothy Gent, brother, mercer of Leek, one of the executors to manage for John, Sarah and Mary. Granted by Carolus Twygden

Timothy Gent

Randle Johnson


Will of William Gent yeoman of Overhulme

Proved 17th October, 1650


Leave to my beloved wife Margery Best Bedstead feather bed and curtains, valonces and all belongings; to son William Gent Plows and all husbandry ware. My son Will shall have 20 nobles [£6 13s 4d]a year for his maintenance till 21 years old. To my son John, Ann, Joan and Mary my daughters, rest of my goods to be equally divided, they are to be kept out of the lands till William is 21. William to pay the others £200 six months after he is 21. If not paid then let land for 20 years to raise it. Will to pay Ann £40 to be paid by himself. In six years after the death of John Gent my uncle and James Stanley at Leek. If Will die before 21 then John to fulfil the same. To Will the second bed and all fittings, Meal Ark in Barn etc etc and my great Bible. All the rest to younger children.

Executors Margery, Thomas Washington of [?] Church and Edward Craddock of Leek.

John Craddock of Audley and John Cooke of Leek be for this my last Will and Testament.


Will of Timothy Gent, mercer, of Leek

Proved 13th July, 1655


T. Timothy Gent

I Timothie Gent of Leeke in the county of Stafford Mercer doe make this my last will and testament in forme and manner following

I give bequeath and devise into my sonne Thomas Gent and his heires for ever all my lands rents monies goods cattells chattells and my whole estate by what name soever named Provided that if my sonne Thomas Gent die leaving noe issue Then I give bequeath and devise my whole Estate aforesaid unto my Brothers and theire children for ever (That is to say)

unto William Gent my Brother and his children one sixth part wanting Tenn pounds

unto Ralph Gent and his children one third part and Tenn pounds more I give unto Thomas Gent his sonne

unto Gervase Gent I give one third part unto the children of my late brother Thomas Gent one third part and Tenn poundes more and out of the parte aforesaid I give and bequeath unto my wife Mary Gent fifty pounds and unto my Sister Mary Hulme Tenn pounds and if she have child or children I give unto them Tenn pounds [^each?] and unto Dorothie Horsley and her fower children five pounds Provided alwaies my debts funerall expenses and the rest of my will following be first fully performed paid satisfied and discharged.

I give bequeath and devise unto my wife Mary Gent fifteene pounds a yeare to keepe herselfe and my sonne Thomas upon until such time as she marry againe and then I dispose of my child unto my executors And in case she marry againe then I give unto the same Mary Gent my wife one hundreth and fiftie poundes

I give and bequeath unto my brother William and his children twentie shillings

I give and bequeath unto my brother Ralph Gent and his children three pounds

I give and bequeath unto my brother Gervase Gent and his children twentie shillings

I give and bequeath unto my sister Mary Hulme twenty shillings

I give and bequeath unto John Gent sonne to my late brother Thomas Gent my shop and seller and the shelves in the seller all my time therein and all my time in my house which I hould of Thomas Jolley of Croxton Abbey he paying for the use of my sonne Thomas Gent twenty shillings a yeare an to Thomas Jolly aforesaid fortie shillings a yeare during my time therein and in case John Gent aforesaid refuse the shopp and house aforesaid Then I give unto him Tenn pounds

I give and bequeath unto Mary Gent sister to the aforesaid John Gent the payment of all taxes since I receaved anie monie of hers and twentie shillings and if she refuse this then I am content only to pay interest for her monie during the time I have had it

I give and bequeath unto my sister in law Dorothie Horsley and her fower children twenty six shillings

I give unto my kinsman John Lee of Knewall Tenn shillings

I give unto my kinswoman Margaret Dampurt six shilings eight pence

I give and bequeath unto John Bountsby two shillings six pence

I give and bequeath unto Ann Walker my servant five shillings

I give and bequeath unto W[illia]m Watson my servant tenn shillings

and unto others I give according to a scedule hereunto annexed

My minde and Will is that all Controversies betweene my brother William Gent and myselfe be wholie referred unto Master William Jolly Esquire Major Thomas Gent Esquire and my brother Gervase Gent I leave all other matters to be wholly disposed and ordered by the direction of my executors I nominate appoynte and make my executors Master Thomas Saxon my father in lawe Gervase Gent my brother and John Gent sonne of my late brother Thomas Gent

I desire my Wife and my brother William Gent to afford their counsell and advise and to be overseers

I renounce and disown all former wills and declare this to be my last will and testament

Dated this [ ] of January One thousand six hundred fiftie fower

In Witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and Seale

Timothie Gent

Witnesses hereof William Gent Mary Gent John Sharman


A Scedule anexed to my Will

I give and bequeath unto theise persons following as followeth that is to say

unto Jane Smith five shillings

unto John Sharman five shillings

unto Elizabeth Charlesworth three shillings fower pence

unto Jone Nicolas three shillings fower pence

unto Andrew Norton two shillings six pence

unto Edward Seale two shillings and six pence

unto Robert Hornesby two shillings

unto William Hulme two shillings

unto Common Poor penny [?olt li 1 li]

unto my Father Saxon a payre of gloves

unto Master Jodrell a payre of gloves

unto Major Gent a payre of gloves

unto my sister Sarah Gent a payre of gloves

unto Thomas Hinney a payre of gloves


The will was proved at London the thirteenth day of Julie in the year of our Lord God One thousand six hundred fiftie and five…


Will of John Gent of Leek

Dated 14th January, 1666/7 proved 8th April, 1668/9


In the name of God Amen. John Gent of Leek mercer give to Mary Gent my wife my messuage and tenement in Leek, bills, bonds, goods, cattle and all real or personal estate for her and my children.

John Gent


William Finney

Gervase Gent

John Wood

Authority of the court attached.

The condition of this Obligation is that the above bound Mary Gent etc etc to whom the tuition of Thomas and William children of the said deceased is granted etc.

Mary Gent

William Fynney


Administration of John Gent of Rocester, yeoman

Proved 11th October, 1671


Give to three eldest daughters Elizabeth, Dorothy and Alice £10 each to be paid to two eldest Elizabeth and Dorothy in 6 years after deceasee and to Alice at age 21 to be paid by my son Francis Gent out of estate. residue to son Francis. Spoken in hearing of John Nixon, Gilbert Keene.

Administration granted to Frauncis Gent



Will of Margery Gent [Overhulme]

Proved 15th April, 1673


I Margery Gent etc give to my son William Gent and my daughter Marie Condelyffe, daughter Ann son John, and to Margerie Condelyffe daughter of William Condelyffe etc etc to my brother Edward Craddock £2, to my sister Joan Stubbs 20/-,unto William Gent my grandchild £5, Joan my daughter… Remainder to son John and daughters Ann and Joan.


Margerie Gent X her mark



Ralph Brough X

William Plant X


Inventory of Goods £112


I give and bequeath to William Gent all Tables, formes Bookes, shelves etc etc in my said house in full of his child to continue as heirlooms for ever and not to be removed.



Will of William Gent of Alton a webster

Proved 31st December, 1677


I give Thomas Gent my nephew in the parish of Cheadle £10, unto William [Cantworth?] of Lockwood [Ware?] £12, to Mark Gent my nephew all that barn and land that I have above the church in Alton, to John Gent my nephew my house, barns and outhouses, yards and orchards… To Mark and John Eaton flats to give 20s to the poor of Alton every Good Friday for ever. To William Cantworth feather bed, rug, blankets. Residue to Mark and John.

William Gent X


Administration of Ann Gent

February 24th, 1679/80


True and perfect Account of John Gent, brother and Administrator of Ann Gent of Overhulme £155 12s 0d.


Funeral Expenses 12 15 4

His own and brother in law's charges to Lichfield selves and horses 1 12 11

Paid to William Plant and William Condlyffe

yeomen, the proportionate part of goods of deceased

70 11 10

Received by the accountant (John Gent) and his brother William Gent 70 11 10

Drawing, Engrossing, and Copy of Gent's Account, Chancellors fee all other officers' fees, Accountants charges and travelling to Lichfield for final discharge 1 10 0

£157 2 0

Wearing Apparel and Money 10 18 0

18 Sheep 3 12 0

debts by Specialty and Without 131 0 0


Probate to John Gent and William Plant of Stony Cliff

Johannes Gent X


Will of William Gent, grocer, of Leek

Proved 13th August, 1685 [PCC]


Testamentum Willi'mi Gent

In the name of God Amen

The Nine and Twentyeth day of May in the six and thirtyeth yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Charles the second by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith etc Annoque Domini One thousand sixe hundred eighty foure

I William Gent of Leeke in the County of Stafford Grocer being sick and distempered in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory praised be God for the same Doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner followinge revoking all former wills by me made

And first and principally I commend my soule into the hands of Almighty God my Creator assuredly believing I shall have my sins remitted and my soule saved by the alone merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer

And my Body I committ to the earth to be decently interred in Leeke Churchyard as neare to my deare sonne William Gent as conveniently I may

And as for and concerninge such temporall estate as God of his mercy hath bestowed upon me I give devise and bequeath the same in manner following

Imprimis I desire my Debts and funeral expenses may be paid and discharged immediately after my decease

Item in the next place my mind and will is that my Executor hereafter named shall pay and dispose of the Interest of Forty pounds during the joynt lives of my Sister Mary Hulme and her Husband and of the saide summe of Forty pounds afterwards to such use intent and purpose and to such person and persons as my said Sister shall from time to time direct limit or appoint with or without the consent of her Husband and not otherwise for tis my mind and will her Husband shall not have any benefitt thereby or intermeddle or be concerned therein

Item I give to my daughter Herks all those peices of silver Plate I formerly lent her and which shee now hath in possession and three pounds apeice in Edward money To her two daughters alsoe I give to my daughter Henshaw's child three pounds in Edward money which three last menconed legacies to my said daughter's children I desire may be paid to their fathers imediately after my decease whose acquittances for the same shall be sufficient discharges to my executors for the same legacies

Item my mind and will further is that with all convenient speed after my decease my executor shall sett forth or [otherwise soe] much of my money at interest as will yearly raise the summe of twenty pounds of lawfull English money without any deduction or abatement during the life of my loving wife which said yearly summe of twenty pounds I desire may be paid to my said wife quarterly after my death by equal portions the first payment thereof to be paid to her within one moneth next after my decease for her present support and maintenance

item I give to my said wife my silver possett cup and six of my best silver spoones and all such household goods as I had with her to dispose of as shee pleaseth And if any of them be lost or made away my mind and will is my executor shall buy her others in liew thereof of as good value or give her money for the same All which legacies before given to my said wife I doe hereby declare are by me intended to be in liew of her joynture and dower and in full satisfaction of all such summe and summes of money and other provision as I am engaged to make for my said wife or for her use in and by certaine Articles of agreement before my intermarriage with her bearing date on or about the sixth day of February One Thousand six hundred fifty one and made between me and Tymothy and Gervas Gent my two brothers on the one parte and John Clowes and Samuel Clowes brothers to my said wife on the other part And my mind and will is that my said wife and her trustees upon the sufficient securing to her the legacies given to her by this my will shall grant or release all their right to my reall estate and discharge my executor of and from all summes of money and other provision made for her by the said articles or in default thereof my mind and will is my executor shall make such provision for my said wife as is contained in the said articles but then the legacies given to her by this my will shall be void

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Gent my little silver tankard and three hundred pounds in money to be paid to her when shee attaines her age of one and twenty yeares

And I give to my sons in law Mr Michael Henshawe and Mr Michael Kerks each of them a gold ring

Alsoe I give to my loving brother in law Samuel Clowes and to my loving friends Mr John Needham and Mr William Mills each of them a gold ring and I desire my said sonnes in law and my said brother Samuel Clowes and my said friends Mr John Needham and Mr Mills to be aiding and assisting to my executor in what they can and my mind further is that my executor from the time of my decease shall pay to my said daughter Hannah the yearly sum of twelve pounds for her maintenance quarterly by even portions the first quarters payment to be given her within one moneth next after my decease for her support till the said three hundred pounds be paid her according to the tenor of this my will

Item I give to my servant Thomas Bagnall in money and cloaths to the value of forty shillings

And as for and concerning my shop and warehouse in Leeke aforesaid my tenement and houses in Stockwell street and all the rest residue and remainder of my reall and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give devise and bequeath the same to my deare and loving sonne Thomas Gent his heirs executors administrators and assignes

And if my wife will keepe house after my decease I desire my sonne Thomas and daughter Hannah may board with her And if any disservice shall happen or arise amongst them I desire the same may be heard and determined by some of my loving friends and neighbours that there may no suits continue amongst them

And I doe nominate and appoint my said sonne Thomas Gent sole executor of this my last will and testament not doubting but hee will well and faithfully execute and performe the same

In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the day and yeare above written

William Gent

Sealed signed and published by the said testator and by him declared to be his last will and testament in the presence of us Wm Mills Edw Henshawe Thomas Bagnald

Proved… 13 August 1685


Will of Gervase Gent of Leek

Proved 4th April, 1690


Tho Gent

Tho Gent

Samuel Stretch

Inventory of Goods £20


I Gervase Gent yeoman etc etc give my body to be buried among people called Quakers. To the poor of Ashford Meeting 10s monthly. 20s to the poor of Leek by my son Thomas Gent Esq. To grandchild William Hulme 20s Latin bible etc etc to daughter Christian Bagshaw my lands in America and my tenement at Wigan Wall [?] in Alstonfield in possession of William Warrington to [mome?] at the death of Elizabeth Warrington formerly Elizabeth Johnson which tenant right I bought of Thomas Johnson. I give to my daughter Joyever Gent shops, chambers, plate, jewels Stockwell Street now in possession of my sister Mary Hulme and John Hulme, taylor, Joseph Malkin, butcher… if Charity and Joyever die without issue then to grandchildren Edward and Gervase Bagshaw; to my sister Mary Hulme John Hulme's house… To Charity and Joyever lands bought from Robert Wood at Tideswell now in possession of son-in-law Thomas Bagshaw.

Gervase Gent


Thos Gent

Thos Bagnall

Edward Henshawe


Administration of Abraham Gent

25th September, 1690


Know all men by these presents etc I, Ann Gent of Rushton James, widow of Abraham Gent deceased renounce the administration of my husband's goods so that administration may be granted to John Ford of Leek principal creditor.

Ann Gent


Ralph Wheildon

William Armitt

Inventory £36


Thomas Knight

Richard Hixson


John Ford and William Mills


Will of William Gent of Cheadle

Proved 25th September, 1693


On the 20th April in the year of Our Lord 1693 I William Gent of Cheadle Apothecary give all my estate to my wife and children till their majority, then they are to give her £7 a year for life. Bonds in which William Alsop and Anthony Greenee stand bound for 10s a year each for 7 years and also security for £15 from Anthony Greene, in trust for Mary Watson, widow, my loving mother, that the principal lent was her money

Wm Gent


Jeremiah Cope

John Brindley

William Mills


William Gent's Bills and Bonds

Copwood Hollins 12 10 0

Adam Colclough 27 10 0

John Bateman 63 0 0

Richard Fowell 25 0 0

William Hollins 8 0 0

William Chaloner 10 0 0

Edward Beardmore 10 0 0

M. Adderley 10 0 0

163 0 0

Inventory signed by Thomas Potter, John Turner, Benjamin Bentley


Samuel Taylor's Bills and Bonds, Copy of William Gent's account given at Lichfield

Samuel Adderley 50 0 0

A. Colclough 76 0 0

Cop Hollins 40 0 0

Cartwright 3 15 0

Watts 4 11 0

Rowland Taylor 12 13 0

Mr Cantrell 5 0 0

Wm Adderley 3 5 0

Jonathan Phillips 5 17 0

John Wedgwood 6 14 0

Thomas Line 1 10 0

Adderley and Bamford 2 8 0

Bird 2 5 0

Richard Cartwright 4 2 8

£218 19 9

Account of the debts of my husband William Gent taken out of his books 24th September, 1693

Copwood Hollins, Parker Gallemore

Philip Hollins, John Brindley, T. Potter

John Hollins of Consall, William Proctor

Ralph Mountfort, Moore, Richard Keats

William Sillito Dott Pegg John Carr

Rowland Taylor


Kitchen: 15 pewter dishes, bedpan, 5 tankards, 3 pewter candlesticks, 8 porringers, 2 salvers, copper kettle, brass kettle, warming pan, cheesing ish etc etc 1 iron grate, fender, large pewter still, 3 pr tongs, 2 fire shovels, bellows, spit, 5 iron candlesticks, 1 cupboard, 1 table, 6 chairs, 6 cushions and table in pantry.

In shop chamber: 1 flock bed, 1 feather bed, 2 blankets, 1 rug, bolster and pillows, curtains, valons, bedstead, 6 cane chairs, 1 table, 2 joint stools, 2 looking glasses

In kitchen chamber: 2 pairs of bedsteads with cords and mats, 2 feather, 2 chaff beds, 6 blankets, 2 bolsters, 4 pillows, valons etc 4 green chairs, 1 table (1 chest with wearing apparel £5), 1 coffer, 2 doghs[?] 2 boxes

Garret over kitchen chamber: 1 screen, trunk and boxes

In closet: box, 8 pair sheets, 6 pair of pillows, tables and clothes, 1 piece huckaback 20 yards £1, 30 yards linnen cloth 15s, 30 yards hempen cloth 25s, 3 silver spoons £1 1s 0d

Chamber over buttery: 1 pallos bed, feather bed, blankets, green chair £1 11s 6d

Chamber over woodhouse: pair iron racks, stools

In stable: 1 mare £3, 1 cow £3.15s 0d, saddle etc 5s.



Will of Thomas Gent of Congleton

19th October, 1693, proved 16th December 1695 [Cheshire Record Office]


In the name of God Amen I Thomas Gent of Congleton in the county of Chester Esquire being well in body and of good mind and memory (praised be God for the same) do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following First I bequeath my soul to God and my body in hopes of a joyful resurrection through the merits and the mediation of Jesus Christ to commit to the earth and as for such temporal estate as it hath pleased almighty God to bestow upon me I dispose of the same as followeth after my debts and funeral expenses justly discharged I give to my dear and loving wife five Jacobus twenty shillings pieces of gold my best bed in the chamber with all the furniture thereunto belonging the chairs and window curtains in the same chamber and all such goods as were her own before marriage or since given to her by her mother Mrs Blackbourne. I likewise give bequeath and devise to my said wife all that my estate or tenement called the Golden Hill the house and land therewith occupied and enjoyed as also my shop in Leek near the Cross for her life provided always and upon this condition that she make no claim or tithe to any other of my houses lands or tenements in respect of dower or otherwise but utterly release and relinquish the same. And whereas I am engaged to William Parker of Parkhall Esquire in the sum of six hundred pounds for payment of three hundred pounds and interest being properly my said wife's debt, and whereas my mother-in-law Mrs Elizabeth Blackbourne hath given me bond for payment of one hundred pounds being properly due to my said wife and whereas a small tenement lying in Matlock or Bonsall wherein one William Cragg or Scragg inhabits is conveyed to me by the said Mrs Blackbourne my will and pleasure is that upon payment or other discharging of the said three hundred pounds and interest by my said wife the said bond of five hundred pounds given to me by the said Mrs Blackbourne be delivered assigned to my said wife and that the said tenement wherein the said Cragg or Scragg dwells or hold be conveyed over by my heir or heirs unto my said wife her heirs and assigns for ever.

I give and bequeath to my good mother-in-law Mrs Elizabeth Blackbourne, my two sisters Mrs Henshaw and Mrs Kirks my three brothers-in-law Mr Anson Mr Parker and Mr Kirks to every of the said persons a gold ring of twelve shillings value.

Item I give and bequeath to my old friend Mr William Mills the sum of five pounds of lawful English money and do make him overseer of this my last will and testament And as to all the rest and residue of my personal estate I give and bequeath the same to my dear mother Mrs Sarah Gent wishing her at her decease to dispose of the same to the younger children of my said sisters Mrs Kirks and Mrs Henshaw And lastly I make and ordain my said mother Mrs Sarah Gent executrix of this my last will and testament requiring her in the name of God justly and truly to perform the same. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal the nineteenth day of October Annº domini 1693

Published and declared to be his last will and testament in the presence of

William Mills Thomas Gent

William Blackburne

Thomas Bagnall


Administration of Margaret Gent of Leek

9th October, 1707


Margaret Gent, widow of Leek. Under £20. Administration to William Gent, parish of Horton, husbandman.

Thomas Plant, husbandman

Thomas Chaloner of Horton blacksmith


Will of Sarah Gent of Leek

Dated 12th January 1706/7, proved 9th October 1707


I give to my brother Clows 5s. To Thomas Sutton of Leek, gentleman, my son-in-law 1 broad piece of gold. To Hannah Hicks and Lydia Hicks my grandchildren each one of the beds in my chamber with all fittings etc and half my plate, pewter, linnen etc Whereas by assignment of 18th April 1699 between my daughter Lydia Sutton by the then name of Lydia Henshaw, widow, of the first part and Sarah Gent of the other part, said Lydia did grant to me and my heirs £200 and all concerning the same and property at Thorncliff or elsewhere in Leek as security that I should by my will bequeath the same to Lydia Henshawe my grandchild, daughter of my said daughter Sutton and her heirs and for want of such issue to Michael Henshawe my grandchild, brother to said Lydia, and his heirs… so leave to Lydia and her heirs or Michael and his heirs and for want of such to Lydia Sutton her heirs and assigns for ever and as in said indenture there is a shop and house etc in Market Place of Leek which is left in same way.

Sarah Gent

Thomas Pratts, sole executor

Mary Johnson

Thomas Sutton

Na Sutton

Hicks+Kirks? (see Thomas Gent's will, 1695)


Will of Ralph Gent of Uttoxeter

Proved 22nd April, 1714


Administration to James Wood and William Parker.

Memorandum of what Ralph Gent of Uttoxeter did declare he would have done after his decease. He humbly desireth that his master James Wood Esq. see him decently brought home and buried and his master has £7 10s 0d of his in his hands which he gives to his master's children. To Elizabeth Wood his best pair of flaxen sheets and madame Joane Gray the next pair.

Effects £12 14s 0d.


Administration of John Gent of Leek (Overhulme)

23rd April 1714


I Ellen Gent, widow of John Gent, late of the Parish of Leek, Co. of Stafford, for reasons and considerations do renounce all right and interest in the administration of the goods etc of the deceased

Ellen Gent X her mark

Robert Brough

Thomas Hine


Administration to William Gent, John Smith and John Salt on goods of said John Gent

William Gent

Inventory £48


Inventory of the goods, depts [?], cattels and chattels of John Gent of Overhulme, who departed this life October 31st, 1713

Wearing apparel and money in purse £10 0 0

1 pare of bedstokes, curtains, vallons etc 8 0 0

Bras and puter 2 0 0

1 chest 3 cofers a mule ark 10 0

1 cartes bodye 1 0 0

1 grate and irons 1 0 0

Jint work 10 0

Table 8 chares 1 Cobard 2 0 0

Woodenware 10 0

Napery ware 10 0

Depts owing to deceased 10 0 0

Remainder 5 0

48 5 0


Robert Brough

Richard Wood Appraisers


Will of Samuel Gent, yeoman of Callow Hill, near Cheadle, dated 12th August, 1722, proved 29th October, 1723


I Samuel Gent of Callow Hill, parish of Dilhorn, Co. Staffs give to son William Gent two pieces of land and meadow in Dilhorn called the two marled crofts, all other real and personal property to my children William, Mary, Hannah, Jane and Ann and appoint my brother John Gent and brother-in-law John Heath executors.

Samuel Gent


Ed. Nicholls

James Sutton

William Walton

7 cows £16 10s 0d, 4 bullocks £15, Old mare and two-year filly £8, 20 lambs £4, 23 old sheep £5, 2 winter heifers £5, 11 geese 9s, 5 calves £4 10s 0d, 4 stirks £6, 12 acres of wheat £48, 9 acres of oats £18, Goods in parlour £2 10s 0d, chamber over parlour £6, chamber over pantry £2, chamber over brewhouse £1 15s 0d, garret over parlour chamber £1 5s 0d, cheese in garret over kitchen £3 15s 0d, garret over passage 15s, chamber over kitchen £1, kitchen £3 10s 0d, brewhouse 15s, cellar barrels 6s, husbandry £4 10s 0d, 2 score pigs £2, linnen £4, wearing apparel and purse £5

£169 10s 0d

George Boulton

Richard Warner


Will of John Gent of Stone



dau Ann a minor

Lands on trust to Philip Fernihough of Blake Hall, Staffs, gent and Robert Barber of Inner Temple


If dau dies then to godson Ralph Barber son of Thomas Barber of Stone £200

Witnesses: Richard Smith, Thomas Bowler, Thomas Martin


Administration of William Gent

7th November 1728


The condition of this obligation is that if the above bound William Gent, John Oakes and William Cliffe administartors of the goods of William Gent senior late of Leek do make and produce inventory etc

William Gent


Will of Francis Gent, yeoman of Great Gate Wood, Croxden

Dated 25th August, 1726, proved 29th April, 1731


My executors to expend £7 on my funeral if they think necessary. To my son Elias Gent £40 within 12 months of my decease. To daughter Elizabeth Kemp £5, to daughter Joyce Hilton £5 in five equal payments if she so long live and remainder if any after her decease to grandson John Gent. To son Francis £5 and to son Thomas £3 and to loving wife Sarah £5 all within 12 months of my ecease. All other goods quick and dead at Great Gate Wood to Sarah his wife for life then to son Francis for ever. Sarah his wife and John Challoner of [Denston?] executors.

Francis Gent X


William Horsley

John Oldfield

Robert Lowns

Purse and apparel £1 0s 0d, Hay 10s, 3 Cows £9, two stirks £4, husbandry ware 6/8d, iron ware, brass and pewter 10s, 1 bed and furniture £2, 1 hundred of cheese £1, oatmeal 6/8, 1 seat chair 2s

Thomas Hulme

Hugh Snape


Will of Ellena Gent

Dated 28th December 1736, Proved 5 May, 1737


I Ellen Gent, Widow, living at this present with my kinsman Robert Brough of Broncot, parish of Leek, Co. Staff., weak of body but sound mind and memory do make last will etc. To kinsman Robert Brough all due to me at my death in the lands at Overhulme and all my personal estate, and appoint him sole executor.

Ellen Gent X

Elizabeth Edge

John Edge

Lydia Brough

Sworn under £20


Will of Elias Gent of Rocester

Dated 1st February, 1736/7, proved 6th May, 1737


To my daughter Elizabeth Gent the best bed and belongings. I leave my mare for John gent to make sale of to pay the money which he knoweth of. To my son John Gent the possession of my living and all my stock and all rest of effects to take care of young children. Only a trunk and few things to daughter Elizabeth.

Elias Gent X


Elizabeth Gent

Thomas Kemp

Purse and apparel 6s, 4 cows and a mare £10 10s 0d, hay 18s 0d, pewter, brass and table in house place 10s 0d, bed and things in parlour 10s 0d, bed chamber over stable 8s 0d etc etc

John Harrison Thomas Orme Thomas Ancell


Administration of John Gent

September 10, 1754


Jane Gent of Leek, widow, Thomas Gent of Leek, gentleman and William Gent of Leek, grocer are bound in £100 to these presents.

Ralph Smallbroke, Vicar general

Letters of administration

Rev. John Daintry

Daniel Turner

Thomas Davenport

Jane Gent X her mark

Thomas Gent

William Gent


Administration of Thomas Gent of Leek

29th April 1755


At Cheadle William Gent, Ironmonger alleged that Thomas Gent, parish of Leek, gentleman dyd a bachelor and intestate and said William Gent is the father of deceased. William Gent, Ironmonger

John Davenport

John Dow

William Gent


The Will of William Gent of Leek

Proved May 16th, 1767


In the name of God, Amen. I William of Gent of Leek Ironmonger do make and ordain my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. After all debts funeral etc expenses all give all rest residue of my personal estate to my loving wife Mary Gent executors and administrators for her and their own absolute use and benefit and constitute my wife Mary Gent sole executrix


William Gent


[?] Devenport

John Devonport

Probate granted to Mary Gent having sworn before me

Daniel Turner



Will of Mary Gent

Proved February 1778


I Mary Gent give all those lands and meadows the Beggar's Way field and meadow under Wall Grange etc to my brother John Birtles Leek and Brother in law Ralph Moreton, 13 part into three parts to daughter Mary Hilditch and then to John Birtles and Ralph Moreton; after Mary Hilditch's death to Fords etc If Mary Hilditch survives children and they leave no issue then to children of my daughter Ann Wardle and Elizabeth Gent lands in Bradnop and Upperhulme late inheritance of John Cartwright. I am entitled to £200 charged by my late son Thomas Gent, mortgage on estate of Upper Hulme late the estate of deceased son given to trustees to pay interest in three portions and to retain for daughter's children Samuel and William Hilditch. Elizabeth Gent given custody of all deeds and writings for her life with access to the other daughters. Two months from death gives to each daughter M. Hilditch, A. Wardle and E. Gent a Table silver spoon marked WJR and to grandchildren William, Samuel and Betty a Table silver spoon marked JBM; £5 to son in law Joseph Wardle; Silver cups to two daughters to Elizabeth Fire grate and irons, Clock, bed in room over shop, desk, bookcase and parlour furniture, Bottles, Tea china and silver cup of her mother's.


Mary Gent


Benjamin Turner

Jane Turner

William Chalinor


Administration of Thomas Gent

6th August, 1791


Granted to Ann Wardle, widow, Samuel Hilditch, gentleman, and Joseph Tharme, L[], saddler; that if Ann Wardle, widow, the lawful and only sister and administrator of Thomas Gent late of Leek, gentleman, deceased etc.

27 July, 1791

Court at Lichfield, exhibited for Ann Wardle that Thomas Gent died without will; administration was granted to William Gent the father of said deceased, and he died before fully administered, so his client (Ann Wardle) the only sister obtained such right to administer, William Gent being deceased. Sworn that Thomas Gent died upwards of fourteen days before this date. Oath to Ann Wardle, only surviving sister.

Sworn under £20.



Will John Gent Rocester 1786

Proved Cheadle 10/5/1786


executors sons-in-law Anthony Hawthorn and Ralph Palmer


wife Ann Gent


daus Hannah, Joice and Sarah Gent


residue to Joseph Gent alias Frogott illegitimate son of dau Ann Gent


Will of William Gent senior, coalminer, S. Normanton

Proved Ufton Hall 26/5/1809


wife Ann and son Thomas executors

to dau Mary w of Thomas Herod £40

to son William £40

to son Samuel £40


Will of Thomas Gent of S. Normanton, coalminer

Proved Ufton Hall 15/4/1812


Execs William Gent coalminer and William Spalton

to son William Gent newly-erected house also coal mineral and stone

to son Joseph Gent old house

to dau Mary Gent parlour and chamber

son John Gent

dau Ann Gent

dau Mary Gent has two fatherless childrenn, Hannah and Benjamin Gent

grandson John Gent son of late son Thomas £10


Bryan Gent

Proved Newcastle 25/10/1844


Mary Gent, sister, of Leekfrith administrator of Bryan Gent of Astbury, leaving effects in the diocese of Lichfield


Will of Thomas Gent, farmer, of Great Gate Wood, Croxden



to great nephew Francis Gent 'my best suit of cloaths and my great coat'

to great nephews William Gent and Thomas Harvey 'rest of my cloathing'

Brown's bible to great nephew William Gent

Burkett's Testament to great niece Sarah Gent

sister Mary Harvey

sister Ellen Jones

Dorothy Gent widow of late nephew William Gent

great nephew and godson Moses Harvey junior

Nephew James Parks

Neice Mary Robinson

Nephews and neices: Richard Parks, Joseph Parks, Joyce Maybury, Jane Oakes, Ellen How, Maria Hayes, Elizabeth Green, Mary Jones, Henry Harvey, John Harvey, Joseph Harvey, Francis Harvey, Moses Harvey, Ann Harrison, Mary Bloor, Sarah Harrison, John Swinson, George Swinson, William Swinson, Elizabeth Keeling, Mary Lovatt, John Mellor, George Mellor, Thomas Mellor, Ann Mellor and Sarah Jones.

to children of Elizabeth Harvey widow of late nephew George Harvey

great nephews and great niece Francis Gent, William Gent, Sarah Gent


he was tenant of Earl of Macclesfield


Will of John Gent of Alveton [Alton] farmer

Proved 30/10/1823


Executor Joseph Gent

son John Gent main heir and also executor

son Thomas Gent

grandson Joseph Gent

dau Ellen Gent


Will of George Gent of Alton shopkeeper

proved Cheadle 13/5/1824


to niece Margaret wife of Joseph Collis of Alton, labourer: house shop and land 1 1/2 ac. also leased from Earl of Shrewsbury

Will of William Gent, collier, of Polesworth, Warks

Proved 1/5/1824


Executor Thomas Gent

brother Thomas Gent


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