The Thorn Gent Family In Trieste
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Trieste is in the far north-eastern corner of Italy, surrounded by Slovenia and close to Croatia. Till the First World War it was the major seaport of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. My mother was born in nearby Gorizia, her sister Silvana was born in Trieste, when my mother and my grandparents were living at Via Tigor, 5. My great great great grandfather Samson Schiff was a silversmith here in the 1850s, with a shop in Via San Sebastiano.

Trieste is connected to mainland by a long strip along the coast. You travel along its length from the airport at Ronchi dei Legionari.

This is a nineteenth-century bird's-eye view ofTrieste from the west. The arrow points to San Giusto, hilltop siteof the cathedral, and of the Roman town of Tergeste. This is alsowhere we bought our apartment.



A town plan of Trieste. Behind the cathedral thehill is dominated by the large, fifteenth-century Venetian castle.The arrow points to Via Risorta, behind the castle, where we have ourapartment.