The Thorn Gent Family In Trieste: 3
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Looking through the front door of the tiny apartment, across the kitchen to the upper room.

Esther sitting at the old table. This is the apartment as we bought it, before we refurnished it.

To the end of this room is the shower, within which is a toilet. Not legally allowed, but very useful - the 'proper' toilet is outside the apartment in our storage room.

Here too is the main window of the apartment, and the sink.

And here is the unbeautiful but functional hot water heater.

The fridge - and back to the front door, and the former owner's partner.

Next to the front door is the gas cooker, and some remarkably high storage cupboards. This is the view from the upper room.

Our gas cooker, with Paolo at the top of the steps.

There is a painted-out window overlooking the entrance hall of the apartment block. When this apartment was lived in by the concierge, she could keep an eye on visitors.

This room was dominated by a large piece of furniture, which we have now taken out, together with the coat hook panel.

Facing the steps was this mirror, and the little electric heater.

The unit before dismantling, with Frank, Brana and Lili.

Looking the other way with Brana, Lili and Esther.

And the same again.

At the far end is the tiny window, rather like a monastic cell!

All these photographs were taken in winter, when very cold and with no sunshine. We're looking forward to the summer there, with our new furniture, and re-arranging the inside.